About Us

We are a group of friends who share a passion, CIGARS.

Having different backgrounds one from another, Cuban Cigars has united us around a common goal, provide the best product with the best and most reliable service at the best possible prices. Our commitment goes beyond numbers, we understand that smoking Cuban Cigars is one of life pleasures therefore we aim to find the best Cuban cigars for each and every occasion.

When recommending a Cuban Cigar, we would like to know a few factors which will lead us to recommend the right product for the right occasion. As you can see, our offer covers the whole spectrum of prices, from the everyday 4 dollars stick to the very high end special occasion smoke.

Feel free to email us at buy@therarecigarstore.com or call us +1 (281) 994-723 before ordering so we can recommend the right Cigar for you. Thank you for visiting our site as well as for possibly becoming one of our valued customer.

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